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Dental Implant 

Dental implants are capable of replicating the structure of a natural tooth, making them the most comprehensive and efficient dental restoration available. Where traditional restorations only address the visible problems of missing teeth, dental implants replace teeth all the way down to the root. 

At Grossmont Oral Surgery Center, Dr. Stettler uses the latest in digital technology to place and create the restorations for dental implants. With our state-of-the-art equipment, we fabricate the best possible smile with precision. 

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are several benefits to dental implants that many patients find appealing. First of all, they are a permanent solution to missing teeth, meaning that they are created to last a lifetime. 

You can rest assured that your dental implants and their prosthetics are made from the industry’s safest materials, which can also be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth. Implant posts are made from titanium, a biocompatible and body-safe material that fuses to the jawbone through a natural process. Additionally, each implant is placed based on the specifics of your smile. You will receive a customized treatment plan that addresses any number of missing teeth. 

Comprehensive Dental Implant Care in El Cajon

The dental implant process can involve multiple professionals, including a general dentist and an oral surgeon. Dr. Stettler begins your treatment by creating a surgical guide that details how each implant should be placed.

Dr. Stettler uses a CT scanner to guide him through the surgical process, ensuring a gentle placement procedure. Depending on the number of teeth you have missing, you can receive anywhere from two to six implants at a time.

Restoration Options for a Complete Smile

Once your implants have healed, you will receive custom restorations in the form of ceramic crowns, bridges, or acrylic dentures. Dr. Stettler works with your general dentist to have restorations made according to your distinct needs. 

Restorations may include a single tooth (known as a single-unit implant), several teeth (known as an implant-supported bridge) or an entire arch (known as a full implant denture). Regardless of the restoration you receive, it will be crafted to match existing teeth or to fit your smile properly. 

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Dental implants could be the right treatment for you, helping you have a fully functional and beautiful smile again. Call Grossmont Oral Surgery Center today to learn more about your options for implant surgery and find out whether the procedure is right for you!


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