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Multiple Tooth Replacement

Multiple Tooth Replacement in La Mesa - Fixed Bridges Near San Diego

Are you missing several teeth, or do you have several unhealthy teeth that need to be replaced?  You have two main options—a removable partial denture (which we do not recommend), and dental implants.  Why avoid a removable partial denture?  It is difficult to use, uncomfortable, and doesn’t provide you with a lot of functionality.Fixed Bridges & Teeth Replacement in San Diego  On top of that, it’s expensive and doesn’t look natural. 

A fixed bridge on dental implants resolves all of these problems, providing you with a stable, simple, comfortable, and permanent solution.  It also offers you benefits which partial removable dentures do not. 

Why Choose Dental Implants to Replace Your Teeth?

  • This is the only fixed solution to your problem.  It will stay comfortably and permanently in place.
  • Dental implants are strong and stable, and allow you to eat whatever you want and chew naturally.  This is the only way to regain your full function.
  • The dental implants provide a new root structure, which will prevent your jaw from shrinking.  This will preserve the appearance of your face.
  • The procedure is fast and easy and cost-effective.

What Is Our Multiple Tooth Replacement Procedure Like?

  1. First you will meet with Dr. Stettler for your initial consultation.  Dr. Stettler will determine your needs and then schedule you for your procedure.
  2. At your next appointment, your implants will be installed.  This can usually be done in a single session, even if you are missing many teeth.  A temporary bridge may be put in place.  This will provide you with instant functionality when you head home.
  3. Over the next one to two months, the implants will integrate with your jawbone.
  4. After the implants have merged with the bone, the permanent bridge can be put in place.  This bridge will be immediately functional and should provide you with a lifetime of use.

After your permanent bridge is in place, your jaw will be protected from bone loss, and you will have a strong, full set of functional teeth.  Your replacement teeth will look just like natural ones and work the same way.  Ready to get started?    Call us today at 619-463-4486 or fill out our appointment request form to schedule your dental implant consultation.


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