Implant Supported Dentures

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant supported dentures are an overdenture supported and attached to implants. They have a special attachment that connects to an attachment located on the implant. There are two types of implant-support dentures: bar-retained and ball-retained. Each type of denture is made from an acrylic base that is designed to look like your gums. The base will then have either porcelain or acrylic teeth that are natural looking attached to it. In order to secure the denture there must be a minimum of two implants for support.

Bar-retained dentures consist of a thin metal bar designed to follow the natural curve of your jaw. The bar will attach to at least two implants placed along your jawbone. Clips will be fitted to both the bar and dentures. Ball-retained dentures consists of each implant within the jawbone holding a metal ball on the implant that will fit onto a corresponding socket on the denture.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Dentures

There are many benefits to implant-supported dentures to help justify the higher costs as compared to traditional dentures.

• Improved confidence. These dentures are very secure and eliminate the worry about dentures becoming loose or falling out.

• Improved comfort. Due to the secure placement there is no longer any moving or slipping. This will lead to the gums being less irritated and help eliminate canker sores which are a common issue with traditional dentures.

• Eat better. A traditional denture limits a patient’s former eating efficiency. As more of the jawbone is lost, the denture begins to fit poorly and it becomes even more difficult to eat. With an implant-supported denture, it will restore your eating efficiency to over 50% and you will not be as restricted with the foods you cannot eat.

• Taste food better. The sense of taste is improved because the implant-supported devices typically do not cover the palate in the mouth.

• Improved Appearance. Removable dentures that are supported by implants can help restore balance to the face by replacing lost tissues. In the long-term, these will also help prevent further bone loss. A traditional denture can cause patients to suffer from bone loss leading to their face looking sunken in.

• Speech Improvement. Clicking noises and slurred speech are a common issue patients with traditional dentures face. Implant-supported dentures allow the patient to be relaxed and talk with a more natural and clear sounding voice.

• Less bone loss. The implant-supported dentures act as the teeth roots and help to stimulate the bone cells. This stimulation helps the surrounding jawbone to stop deteriorating and helps to maintain the jawbone structure.

• Less maintenance. Traditional dentures can become costly from constantly being readjusted due to bone loss. Implant-supported dentures will need to be readjusted less because the bone loss is minimal. Patients will also no longer need to pay for adhesives.

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