Dental Implant / FAQ

If you are in the San Diego / La Mesa area and are missing any of your natural teeth, you may want to consider dental implants. They are modern dentistry’s solution to tooth replacement without the need for traditional dentures.  
Dental implants are titanium tooth root replacements which provide a lasting anchor for permanent replacement teeth, which are specially crafted to look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth.   

What is the process?

The first step is consultation. When you come to us, we are going to determine if
implant dentistry is best for you. If it is, your mouth is prepared for the titanium
tooth roots. You have to wait for your jaws and gums to be fully healed before you
return to our clinic.

On your second visit, the titanium tooth roots are then secured properly in your
jawbone. You have to wait for around 3-6 months for your bone to completely fuse
with the titanium. This allows it to create dependable and stable roots for your
replacement teeth.

On your third and final visit, the beautiful and prosthetic teeth are then attached to
those titanium roots in your gums. We have several patients who were surprised
because of their renewed speaking and chewing abilities. Be one of them now! 

Are dental implants comfortable?

Many people have dental anxiety and this prevents them from getting the proper
treatments for them to get that healthy and beautiful smiles. We totally understand
such situation and we make sure that our patients are relaxed all throughout the
process. We have a clean and cozy dental office and this can help you feel
comfortable. We also have friendly dental experts so you won’t be intimated at all.
You can forget about your dental anxiety issues so you can have the perfect set of
teeth once again!

Are they worth investment?

Many patients wonder if getting dental implants is worth the investment and have a
tough decision to make. Dental implants have a success rate of 98% and have the
potential to last a lifetime with proper care. On average a bridge will last for up to 15
years and then patients will need to pay for a replacement bridge. With a dental
implant the up-front cost is greater, but over a 20-30 year period, the cost will
become the more financially responsible choice.

Advantages of Dental Implants

• Durability: With proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime. 
• Aesthetics: Implants improve your smile and with it your confidence.  
• Function: Dental implants fully restore your ability to bite, chew, and speak naturally
• Preservation: Implants preserve bone and reduce resorption and deterioration that  can result in a loss of jawbone structure known as resorption

Implants vs. Bridge/Dentures

The advantages of having dental implants over traditional dentures or bridges are many. For instance, dental implants do not merely allow for replacement teeth. They actually provide a root structure which prevents your jaws from shrinking and causing the appearance of premature aging. Since they are permanent even you may not be able to distinguish dental implants from your own natural teeth. This is especially true since they allow you to eat and drink whatever you wish with a near-natural chewing capacity.

Most importantly is the fact that dental implants protect your healthy teeth whereas bridges may require your adjacent natural teeth to be ground down. With dental implants, you retain full functionality of your natural, healthy teeth.

Implant Procedure

Single Tooth Replacement
Missing a single tooth or have an unhealthy tooth that needs to be replaced? The
best option is a one-piece dental implant. All components are installed together as
a single functioning unit. This makes the procedure fast, minimally invasive, and
immediately functional. The procedure requires four visits to complete. It is quick
and relatively painless; OTC painkillers are enough in most cases, and you can return
to work the following day.

Multiple Teeth Replacement
Are you missing several teeth, or do you have several unhealthy teeth that need to
be replaced? You have two main options—a removable partial denture (which we do
not recommend), and dental implants. Why avoid a removable partial denture? It is
difficult to use, uncomfortable and doesn’t provide you with a lot of functionality.
On top of that, it’s expensive and doesn’t look natural.
A fixed bridge on dental implants resolves all of these problems, providing you with
a stable, simple, comfortable, and permanent solution. It also offers you benefits
which partial removable dentures do not. This bridge will be immediately functional
and should provide you with a lifetime of use. With your our permanent bridge is in
place, your jaw will be protected from bone loss, and you will have a strong, full set
of functional teeth.

Full Arch Replacement
Are all of your teeth missing or damaged? Then a full arch replacement using a fixed
bridge on dental implants is your best option. Before dental implants, there was no
such thing as a fixed, permanent way to replace all your teeth on either arch. You
were stuck with alternatives like removable overdentures and removable full
dentures, both of which are incredibly inconvenient on practically every level. They
are uncomfortable to wear, can affect taste, and are aesthetically unpleasant.
With implants, you have two options. You can get a removable overdenture which is
anchored by implants, or you can get a full fixed bridge. A removable
implant-secured overdenture is a kind of go-between option. The implants improve
comfort and stability, but the denture is still removable. It usually costs less than a
full bridge, but it doesn’t begin to compare.
Why Go With a Full Permanent Bridge? A full, fixed bridge is by far the best answer.
It offers unparalleled comfort and functionality. It lets you get back to living your life
like normal. It offers you a full set of permanent, fixed replacement teeth. You can
eat the foods you want, and after a while, you may even forget you have a bridge.

Common Implant Procedures:
Single Tooth Replacement in San Diego
Single Tooth Replacement
Multiple Teeth Replacement in San Diego
Multiple Teeth Replacement
Full Arch Replacement in San Diego
Full Arch Replacement

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