Patient-focused, technology-driven

As Dental implants treatment has progressed, so too has the technological
advancements. At the San Diego implant Center for more than 20 years, we have
used the latest in technological advancements to better serve our patients in jaw
reconstruction, dental implant surgery and precise restorations for missing and
failing teeth. 

Cone Beam – CAT Scans

At the San Diego Implant Center, we use cone beam technology to acquire a 3D
image of your mouth. This machine costs hundreds of thousands of dollars and not
found in the traditional dental office. In just 20 seconds, these images enable us to
get a far better evaluation of any problems occurring with your dental condition. We
not only can address missing and failing teeth problems, but we can also see the
nerves and sinuses which we want to avoid. This interactive approach shows our
patients a clear understanding of their problems and a better analysis of the
treatment plans we prescribe. 

Guided surgery

Having Cone Beam technology provides specialist Oral Surgeon, Dr. Stettler, the
opportunity to do virtual surgery in advance of your procedure. By seeing where to
precisely place the Implants our success rates are significantly better. In addition to
the Cone Beam Cat Scan technology, San Diego Implant Center has additional
engineering software to help evaluate the chewing forces affect your bite and the
anatomical structure of your teeth so they can be properly positioned. 

Video: Why Use Guided Surgery


Video : Implant Guide of Accuracy and Efficiency




Dr. Stettler explains the technology advancements and

how he uses these technologies to better serve the implant patient.


3D Printing

We all want beautiful and functional teeth. Although the placing of implants is very
important, it is the final restoration of new crowns on the dental Implants that
makes it all come together. At San Diego Implant Center, we use 3D printing to make
design the precise molds of what your final tooth or teeth of your restoration. Very
few practices in the San Diego area have this very advanced technology. To better
serve our patients, we provide these molds to your restoring dentist as part of our



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