Single Tooth Replacement

San Diego Single Tooth Replacement in La Mesa, CA

 Missing a single tooth or have an unhealthy tooth that needs to be replaced?  The best option is a one-piece dental implant.  All components are installed together as a single functioning unit.  This makes the procedure fast, minimally invasive, and immediately functional.

Single Tooth Replacement in San Diego

Benefits of an all-ceramic crown on implant in San Diego

  • Your replacement tooth will be immediately functional.
  • The implant will provide a new root structure, which will keep your jaw from shrinking.
  • It will look and feel just like your natural teeth.
  • It is a permanent, stable solution.
  • The procedure requires four visits to complete.  It is quick and relatively painless; OTC painkillers are enough in most cases, and you can return to work the following day.

Why not go with a bridge or a denture?  To get a tooth-supported bridge installed, adjacent healthy teeth must be ground down.  For a resin-bonded bridge, you only have a temporary solution; after a couple of years, you will have to get it reinstalled since it will come off on its own.  A removable partial denture is also not a viable solution since it is unstable and uncomfortable.  You can see why a dental implant is the most ideal solution.  It offers advantages these methods do not, and none of their drawbacks. 

What Is Our Single Tooth Replacement Procedure Like?

  1. You meet with Dr. Stettler for your initial consultation.  This includes an examination and one or more x-rays.  Dr. Stettler will determine if you are a candidate for the procedure.
  2. Next, the implant is installed with a temporary (fully functional) tooth.
  3. After several months, the implant will fully integrate with your jawbone.  Then the permanent ceramic tooth may be placed. 

That’s it!  You are good to go, and do not require any more treatment from that point forward, save for your regular routine dental appointments!  Give us a call today at 619-463-4486 or fill out our appointment request form.

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