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Randall Stettler, DDS
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oral surgeon san diegoAre you looking for a competent oral surgeon San Diego? You have come to the right place! Our dental expert, Randall Stettler performs different oral procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, dental implants and more importantly, all-on-four surgery. Do you know that there are only about 7 dentists all over US who can perform the all-on-four surgery? Yes, that’s true and Dr. Stettler is one of them! So if you really want to have sweet smile once again, make sure you visit us.

Why Do You Need Oral Surgery?

People get attracted with a healthy smile because this communicates self-confidence and vitality. Dental failure can be caused by several factors such as genetics, accidents and disease and when you have such, your self-image, looks and ability to eat and smile can be badly affected. The good thing is, due to the technological advancements, experts have already developed ways that can help solve such failures.

Replacement teeth having natural looks have already been developed. These are supported by modern dental implants that they can no longer be distinguished from molars and original incisors. The transformation can often be made in just a short time. In fact, you can have a new set of teeth the same day that you go to the clinic. Thanks to the oral surgeon San Diego, you can already have that bright and sweet smile once again.

What Can Our San Diego Oral Surgeon Do For You?

For over 20 years, Dr. Stettler has been doing different oral surgery procedures. He is one of the top San Diego implant surgeons and he is capable of doing full mouth reconstructions. Mismatched jaws can be aligned, congenital deformities can be corrected and accident victims can be treated with these procedures. Our aim for every surgery done is state-of-the-art care which maximizes the health, safety and comfort of our patients.

Have Questions?

When you want to go through oral surgery for your dental issues to be corrected, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment on your most convenient time.